Spinemed Spinal Decompression Testimonials


Outten Chiropractic Patient Testimonial - Low Back PainThis past February, I injured my lower back. I was under the care of an orthopedic doctor and a different chiropractor. Under these professionals, I was making little progress. It was suggested that I have injections and surgery if I wanted to fix my back.

In March, I was blessed to find Dr. Outten and his staff. Dr. Outten didn’t just want to treat my back. He was the first person who wanted to find the problem that was causing me to have issue with my back and correct it. I received treatment with the Spinemed therapy and chiropractic care. I could see a difference after the first couple of weeks! By the end of my Spinemed therapy, I could notice a huge difference! My quality of life has improved immensely!

I want to thank Dr. Outten and all of his staff for a making a difference. He is a very special individual. Dr. Outten cares about all his patients and making a difference in their lives!

Thank you,


Outten Chiropractic Patient Testimonial - Herniated DiscI was introduced to Outten Chiropractic by Cleve and Linda Folger. I woke up one morning having severe low back pain and numbness in my leg. Dr. Outten recommended that I have an MRI done and I found out that I had a herniated disc. After discussing all of the options with Dr. Outten, I decided to have the spinal decompression procedures. I responded very quickly to the SpineMed treatments and within a few weeks I was felling much better. I cannot tell you how much Dr. Outten and all of his staff has meant to me. I’ve never met a doctor that I can call on the weekend and he stops doing what he is doing and meets me at his office. Thanks again.



Outten Chiropractic Patient Testimonial - Spinal DecompressionAfter experiencing increasing pain in y hip and back, I went to Dr. Outten for a consultation.  I had been doing triathlons for nine years as well as lots of physical projects around the house but within a couple of months I had become plagued by pain and ceased my training.  I had been to two medical doctors, was on medications, and waiting for the results of an MRI on my lower back.  At 48 years of age I was lost without my ability to workout and had a strange numbness in my leg as well as the pain in my back.

Dr. Outten examined my and noticed the curve in my spine, probably a result of my left leg being shorter.  When the results of the MRI shoed herniated disks, the other doctor recommended and epidural and surgery.  Instead, I began a series of SpineMed decompression treatments at Outten Chiropractic.  I had researched the procedure and found many success stories.  Even though the treatments were expensive and only partly covered by my insurance, I was pain-free and off medications after three quarters of my sessions.  I believe the SpineMed treatments greatly helped in the healing of my disks and allowed me to avoid disk surgery.

Further adjustments and advice, fitting me with orthotic insoles and giving me the exercises to build my core were all part of Dr. Outten’s treatment to improve my mechanics.  I am now on my way back to physical health and look forward to resuming my exercise regimen.  I found Dr. Outten and his wonderful staff to be extremely helpful in my recovery.


Outten Chiropractic Patient Testimonial - Sciatic PainThe alarm is going off. I think I got some sleep. My lower back throbs, my legs are stinging and my feet are numb. Yep, it is another day and I am awake. Now it is time to get out of bed and start the process of getting my body moving. Oh the pain is there, and will be for the day. Sciatic pain going down both legs, knees aching and my lower back hurting. Yep, just another PAINFUL day.

This is what my daily life consisted of. I saw several physicians, had x-rays and MRI’s taken. Diagnosis, a bulging disk and disk spurs. They prescribed pain medication and advised that some day surgery would be required. My life style was changing daily, for the worse. Playing golf was out, I could not make 18 holes. Workingo ut was out, after each workout I paid for it the following days with pain and further limitations of daily activities.

My wife was a patient with Dr. Christopher Outten and was being treated for arthritis in her neck as result of an auto accident in 1987. One day she saw a brochure on Spinal Decompression Therapy and brought it home for me to read.

The results of a MRI showed L4 spondlyolisthesis with braod based annular bulge along with advanced facet and ligamentous hypertrophy. (In laymen’s terms, my back needed attention). Dr. Outten recommended that I consider Spinal Decompression Therapy. After a couple of treatments I noticed a difference, the pain was less and the stinging down my led was less severe. By the end of the treatment I was enjoying daily living without any pain. My daily living activities are very much improved. Who knows, one day soon I may actually be back out on the golf course. Yes, dreams do come true.


Outten Chiropractic Patient Testimonial - Pain ReliefOn December 23, 2007, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. After numerous doctor’s visits, x-rays and MRI scans, I was put on heavy narcotics for my pain and informed that I would need surgery to correct my back. I told my doctor thank you, but surgery was not an option. Over the past 17 years I have had numerous vertebral subluxations. I have always been taught that back pain was a part of my career choice. I have seen numerous chiropractors and doctors for my back pain. I have been diagnosed with everything from a slipped disk to muscle spasms. I have endured various treatment options such as narcotic pain medicine, acupuncture, spinal adjustments, cortisone shots, braces and seat cushions. I have see doctors, neurologists, old-time chiropractors and new technique chiropractors. Finally in February 2008, I received Dr. Outten’s name from a friend at work. At first I thought, great…another chiropractor. I was wrong! Dr. Outten and his chiropractic team was not just another chiropractor. Dr. Outten and his team brought me in, diagnosed me, showed and explained to me what my problem was and developed a plan of action to correct my issues. Dr. Outten introduced me to the Spinemed technology. This was the best thing to has ever happened to my back. I noticed a difference within the first two visits. This technology has allowed me to continue to work and has helped me to live without back pain or surgery. I would like to give thanks to Dr. Outten and his team for correcting my back pain and assisting me on my road to recovery. The entire team has been professional, courteous and empathetic to my needs. These people have flexed their lives and schedules to assist me in being able to live mine in a pain free environment. Without the help of these caring individuals, there is no telling where I might be in my journey to a pain free life. I have currently completed my Spinemed treatments and am working through the adjustment phase of my treatment. My goal is to be able to play 18 holes of golf again, without any pain. I know that with the assistance of these great people, I will be able to achieve this goal.


Outten Chiropractic Patient Testimonial - Spinal Decompression AdjustmentI am Donna N. and have had low back pain since 2003.  At the time I never considered Chiropractic care and went directly to Orthopedic care.  My doctor put me on medication and therapy.  This went on for a year.  He then told me that I had to have surgery on my L5-S1.  I did, but never fully recovered.  In mid-2008 I started having major problems again.  This time I consulted Dr. Outten.  He suggested Spinal Decompression to HEAL my low back problems, which came from ailing discs.  So I started Spinal Decompression in January 2009.  I happy to report that I feel much better!  My range of motion is at 95% and getting better every day.  With continued Chiropractic Care and daily exercise I see myself enjoying a happy and active life.

Thank you Dr. Outten and your wonderful staff!

Donna N

Outten Chiropractic Patient Testimonial - Chiropractic CareSandra T.

I have always been very active but, in my early fifties I began to gradually loose flexibility in my lower back.  I had some periodic pain which would evidently go away but left me with limited mobility.  While caring for my ageing parents, I strained my back several times causing additional aggravation to this on going situation.  Several years passed and I realized I was so stiff in my lower back that I could not bend to reach my feet or move from side to side.  My Physician sent me to an Orthopedic Specialist who informed me that I had Degenerative Disc Disease.  He also informed me that there was nothing he could do but, referred me to physical therapy.  I was not improving nor was I going to give up.   Fortunately, I found Dr. Outten and Outten Spinal Decompression Center and decided to go though the Decompression therapy and wellness program.   I am just completing the program and am very pleased and surprised at the phenomenal recovery.   I feel as if my back has just opened up and I am able to move freely, bending without stiffness or pain in my lower or upper back.   Thanks to Dr. Outten and his marvelous staff.


My name is Stacey O.  I have been struggling with back issues since 1986.  My chiropractor in Burlington, NC kept me going with regular adjustments.  We moved back to Raleigh and I managed to get my back into even worse shape.  I was no longer holding adjustments.  Mrs. Outten, through my sister-in-law, told me about spinal decompression.  I decided to give it a try and have been very pleased with the results.  Spinal decompression was only part of Dr. Outten's treatment.  He took a comprehensive approach to my problem from head to toe.  He and his staff treated my with spinal decompression, orthotics to improve my posture, adjustments and a exercise program to strengthen my core muscles.  I am writing this paragraph sitting in a chair. That may not seem like much to some, but it sure is great for me because i have been kneeling at my desk for 1 1/2 years. On top of the excellent treatment, the staff is very friendly and actually a lot of fun.  I cannot thank them enough.


My name is Rebecca J and I am a spinal decompression survivor.  Having been in a sedentary job for nearly 30 years, i have suffered from continual chronic neck and shoulder pain that has been exacerbated by many hours in front of a computer screen.  I have been a strong supporter of chiropractic care my entire life and have been making frequent visits for temporary relief of my chronic pain for as long as i can remember.  Last spring, the pain had become so severe that it affected both my arms and hands with intermittent pain, tingling and numbness.  I sought the help of an orthopedic doctor who determined that i suffered from C5-C6 degenerative disk disease with arthritis and began treatments of muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition to oral drug therapy, the next course of suggested treatment was steroid injections into my spine and possible surgery.  At this point, i researched the benefits and risks of spinal decompression as i was not keen to be injected with steroids or have a risky surgery performed.

That's what brought me to Outten Chiropractic.  After an intense period of treatment ( a little rough in the beginning I must admit), i gradually became pain free for the first time in my life.  Even more incredible to me was the that the range of motion of my neck was fully restored and my shoulder muscles became more relaxed so I could perform functions that had caused me a great deal of pain and stiffness in the past.  So, if you are a long time pain sufferer and a candidate for spinal decompression, i would highly recommend the treatment.  Dr. Outten and his staff are wonderful to work with and benefits are beyond belief.


My name is Sam G and i have been a truck driver for over 22 years.  My favorite thing to do when i exercise is play basketball.  In April 2009, I began to have pain in my right leg.  The pain became so severe to the point where i was unable to put on my right shoe and sock.  It was the most painful feeling that i had ever felt.  After having it checked out, i was told that I had a pinched nerve.  The sciatic pain in leg stopped me from playing basketball and limited my duties at work.  A friend of mine searched the web and told me about Dr. Outten.  I came in for a visit to learn more about SpineMED treatment.  I was willing to do almost anything to get rid of the pain.  Anything, that is, except for having my back operated on.  Dr. Outten, along with his staff and the SpineMED treatments were able to decrease and finally eliminate my pain.  I am a witness that SpineMED works!  I am happy to say that at age 45 I still play basketball 3 times a week and work 55 to 60 hours without pain.  I want to say thank you to Dr. Outten, his staff and the SpineMED table.


I have been a patient of Dr. Outten's for several years now.  Back in late November of 2009 I experienced some major pain in my lower back.  This caused me to lose sleep at night.  As it intensified I could hardly walk any distance.  I finally came for adjustments in Decemeber with no improvement, so Dr. Outten recommended that i have a MRI.  The MRI revealed 2 herniated discs in the L4 and L5 region.  I was faced with several options:  surgery or spinal decompression.  Since I have always benefitted from chiropractic this was not a difficult decision.  Dr. Outten set me up with SpineMED therapy protocol.  The procedure was gentle and yieled results very early in the process.  Within several weeks my pain level was greatly improved.  At the end of the process I still have some pain, and i still come weekly for adjustments, however, i would recommend this procedure to anyone as an option to surgery.  It is May 1st and I still feel some pain, but i can now walk long distances, sleep at night and stand for long periods of time.  I know i am now on the road to wellness thanks to Dr. Outten and his dedicated staff.  Again I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend SpineMED.


I had hip replacement surgery on my left hip on September 12, 2012.  No complications with the surgery or operative hip.  However, approximately 8 to 10 weeks after the surgery, i began to experience a numbing, pins and needle sensation in my right leg and foot while lying down.  This continued for about a week before i informed my orthopedist of the symptoms.  By this time I was experiencing  excruciating pain in my right groin area, buttocks, knee, foot and leg.  My orthopedist sent me for an MRI and the diagnosis was a bulging disc in L4 & L5 vertebras, which was pressing on my sciatic nerve. I then went to a Spinal Intervention Medicine Doctor.  I received 2 epidural injections with  no relief.  I had been seeing Dr. Outten since 2010 for regualr spinal manipulations, so I informed him of the MRI results.  He talked with my husband and me and explained the benefits and time frame of spinal decompression therapy.  He felt based on my diagnosis and his experience that I was a good candidate for the therapy. I couldn't imagine a machine having the ability to restore bulging discs to their correct positions or relieving me of the pain that I was experiencing by lying on it for 30 minutes.  However, reluctantly, I decided to give it a try.  Dr. Outten told me that if I didn't get some relief within 12 treatments, he would refer me to a surgeon.  "That was the last thing i wanted to hear."  I didn't get the relief that i expected within the first 12 treatments.  However, my examination and scan after that time period reflected improvement in the spine and the radicular pain was not as bad, so decided to continue.  There was a remarkable difference in the radicular pain around the 20th treatment for me. My gait had improved as well.  Thank God for working through the SpineMED machine.  All of the radicular pain is gone and i continue to perform exercises to strengthen my lower back.

I highly recommend the spinal decompression therapy for bulging disc problems.

Edith P.