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*Spinal Decompression, that is, unloading due to non-surgical distraction and positioning.

Does Back or Neck Pain make everyday tasks unbearable?
Is pain in your Back or Neck affecting your quality of life?
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Dr. Outten's interview with NBC 17

Does Back or Neck pain make
everyday tasks unbearable?
Is pain affecting your quality of

Are You Suffering From Back or Neck Pain?

Back and neck pain are the number one complaints in North America, affecting 80% of us at one time or another. These problems often mean a permanent loss of some function, forcing you to give up things in your life you may not want to give up. That's the bad news.

The good news is SpineMED® Spinal Disc Decompression . No surgery. No drugs. No incisions or injections.

A Safe and Pain-Free procedure for lower back and neck pain.

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